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Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering at our rescue! We have so many different jobs that we need help with and we are thankful that you want to help. We have a need for three different types of volunteers, dog attendants, kennel operations and maintenance. Below are tasks that each type of volunteer. You can apply to be one type of volunteer or all. APPLY HERE!

Dog Attendants:

Dog attendants directly interact with all of our pups and help ensure that they are safe, clean and healthy at all times. Here are the tasks of a dog attendant. 

  • Supervising Play Groups

  • Cleaning kennels 

  • Walking dogs

  • Cuddling pups

  • Giving baths

  • Taking photos

Kennel Operations:

Kennel operations volunteers ensure that everything is organized and running smoothly. This position doesn't interact as much with the dogs. Duties include:

  • Stocking food

  • Laundry

  • Answering phone calls

  • Collecting donations

  • Organizing toys, leashes, collars and bedding


Maintenace people ensure that the kennel is secure and safe. This position isn't needed regularly, but we would like to have people on call when needed. Here are some examples of duties that will be performed.

  • Fixing broken kennels

  • Upgrading kennels

  • Installing fencing

  • Painting

  • Repairs

Are there specific requirements to be able to take a dog for the day?

Yes, below are the requirements

          *Must be at least 14 years old

               (Parent consent needed if under 18)

          *Must be able to attend a training day

          *Must commit to a set schedule