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Fostering is a life-changing experience for dogs. Many dogs in our care have had very little, if any, experience in a home. Some have medical needs and some are new mothers. These dogs need some extra love and care in a home, rather than a shelter setting. If you want to help a dog in need, please apply!



Although fostering is very easy and rewarding, it does require a bit of commitment. We expect all of our pets to be treated like family while they are in a foster home. We provide everything the dog needs (food, collar, harness, leash, toys...)

and you provide the loving home.

Foster requirements and responsibilities

  • Must be at least 18 years old

  • Must have an animal-friendly house/apartment

  • Must have a reliable car

  • Must be home enough to properly care for a pet

  • Fosters are expected to bring the pet to all necessary medical appointments scheduled by us (with appropriate notice)

  • Must have a phone that is always working

Please note that you cannot apply for a specific pet to foster. Not all of our pets are in need of fosters. Once approved we will send you a list of pets in need of fosters (that we think would fit your lifestyle) and you can pick from there.

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