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Adoption Requirements


Must be at least 18 years of age


Must bring a valid ID with current address on it


Must have approval from your landlord and every member of the household.


Must be willing to spend money on training and/or medical needs.


Adoption Donation

Each pet's minimum adoption donation is listed on their specific page. Fees range from waived-$550 depending on the pet.

What does your adoption donation cover?

  • The care the pup received while with us.

  • Their Spay/Neuter surgery

  • Internal and External Parasite Control

  • Current monthly preventatives

  • All age-appropriate vaccines

  • A 30-minute session with our trainer

  • Free first pet exam coupon for our vet!

  • A collar or harness (depending on pup)


Adoption Processs

We require that you become an approved adopter before setting up a meet and greet! Becoming approved does not mean you are committed to that dog and it also does not mean you are first in line for that dog.

Step One: Fill out the application on our website

Step Two: Email us a virtual tour of your home.

Step Three: We will contact your vet, references and landlord, so make sure you give them permission to speak with us.

Step Four: If we determine that your house is a good fit we will contact you to set up a meet and greet.

Step Five: Meet your pup and take them home if we all feel it's a good match!

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