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Adoption Requirements


Must be at least 18 years of age


Must bring a valid ID with current address on it


Must have approval from your landlord and every member of the household.


Must be willing to spend money on training and/or medical needs.

Meet Adoptable Saint

Saint is currently our only available adoptable pup. His adoption fee has been sponsored

by fundraising, so no fee is needed to adopt this deserving boy!


Saint's offical breed is unknown but our guess is that Saint is a Lab Boxer mix.

Dog Friendly?

Saint loves other payful pups! He likely would not enjoy living with a calm pup.

Kid Friendly?

Saint can live with kids, but he is a big boy that likes to jump up when he meets people. It's important he is watched during introductions to little ones.

Birthday? (estimated)

06/30/2018 (5 years old)

Cat Friendly?

Unfortunately, Saint cannot live with feline friends

Energy Level?

Saint is Medium to high energy. He is high energy when meeting new people or dogs, but does calm down once he is settled in his home.

Saint is one of the most loving and intelligent pups that we have ever had at the rescue. Unfortunately, Saint and Felix were dumped out of a moving vehicle in South Carolina. Luckily a wonderful family saw this happen and took both pups in. They contacted us to take them and help find them great homes. Felix found a home, but Saint is still waiting patiently for the perfect family to love him. Saint has been with us since December of 2020 (which is far too long). He has been overlooked because of his energy when he meets new people. He very much wants to jump up and give you a hug but not everyone loves that. He is estimated to be 5 years old now, but we can't say for certain. He is roughly 50-60 pounds, fully vaccinated and neutered. Saint would make the perfect hiking partner. He absolutely loves long walks and hikes through the woods. Do you want someone that will be happy to see you every time you come home? Saint is the perfect dog for you. He has endless love for his humans. Although he hasn't had a lot of training, he very much wants to learn. This smart pup could be one of the best-trained dogs out there. He learns new skills incredibly fast and is super food motivated. He is crate trained as well, so you don't have to worry about that. He absolutely loves car rides. He will happily jump in as soon as the door is open. Did we mention he loves toys? He could play fetch for hours if you wanted. 

Don't get us wrong, Saint will need some training when he finds his forever family, but what dog doesn't? He will need some help with learning where to go potty, but once he understands he should be fine. He will also need some assistance with not pulling on walks. We have been working on this but you will want to continue with this training, so he keeps up the good progress. He knows sit, come, paw and wait commands already. He is very excited to learn even more though! Saint will need the most help with not jumping up to say hi when he first meets people (unless this doesn't bother you). We have worked on this and it has improved but he will need a confident handler to help continue with this progress.

Saint loves every person he meets, so we do believe he can live with kids. He has met many kids with no issues, but he will need to be reminded many times to not jump up on them when they start to give him affection. For this reason, we think it is best that he only lives with kids 5 and up. If you have younger kids and are willing to put the work into correcting this behavior then we will consider you as well. He loves to play with dogs and has spent some time in a home with puppies, small dogs and large dogs. He is a high-energy rough player, so it is best if at least one dog in your home is a high-energy polite player! He could also live in a home with no other pets. He doesn't like kitty friends so he cannot go to a home with a cat.

If Saint sounds like a perfect fit for you, please please please apply to adopt him! Can't adopt him, but want to foster him to help get him used to a home? Apply to foster on our foster page!

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