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Our Lifers

Every dog deserves a chance

Throughout our years of rescuing pups, we have found a few that just aren't fit for adoption. These dogs become part of our lifer program. We become their permanent family and promise to give them all the love that they deserve! Some of these dogs are severely aggressive, while others have chronic health conditions. We believe there is no such thing as a bad dog, only a dog that was failed by humans. We make it our mission to never fail them again!



We rescued Blue in South Carolina in February of 2020. She was incredibly scared and unable to function. We could not go near her kennel for the first week or so that she was with us. Her fear created severe reactivity. It was clear that she had likely had little human interaction in her first three years of life. We let her be for the first few days and gave her time to adjust. Slowly our president began working with her. We started with slow periods of just sitting next to Blue's kennel and ignoring her. Eventually, we progressed to getting a leash on her. Once the leash was on her, we left it on. The leash seemed to shut off her aggression. It's like she knew that she was no longer in charge. This was a game-changer when it came to handling Blue. Natasha(our president) and Blue quickly developed a bond and Blue learned to trust Natasha. The problem was that she could only trust Natasha and Natasha was the only one that could handle her. We brought her to the vet for a behaviorist recommendation and without even looking at her, they suggested euthanasia. That was absolutely not an option for us. In April of 2020 we found a wonderful trainer that took her for a nearly 3 month board and train. Although she came back way better than she was before, we determined that it is best for Blue to stay with us. We are confident in handling her and know that she will always be successful in our care, but may not be successful under the care of someone else. Blue now loves meeting new people and dogs! She is super affectionate and happy to get cuddles. Her only flaw is she is an extreme resource guarder, but we wouldn't want anyone taking our food either. We don't know anything about Blue's past, but we know that her future will be full of Love and Happiness! 

Blues Favorite Things: Eating very slowly (one piece at a time), doing zoomies and play bowing, getting her belly rubbed, snoozing on her futon, and being outside in the snow (not to be confused with the rain because the princess cannot get wet!)

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Rocky came to us in August of 2020. We don't know much about his past, but what we do know is absolutely heartbreaking. For the first three years of his life, he suffered extreme abuse from his human father. He was forced to live outside on a balcony and was beat for being bad. The abuse led to hip dysplasia in both of his rear legs. How do we know this, you ask? The father admitted to it on the day that he brought him to the vet to be euthanized. They didn't want Rocky anymore because they got a new dog. We of course took Rocky in as soon as we found out about him. He was sent to us from our rescue partner in Puerto Rico. He immediately bonded with Natasha. He seemed like a perfect dog. Then we started doing meet and greets and immediately noticed something was off. He did not want to meet strangers at all, especially not men. He was afraid and would try to back away. If someone forced themselves on him, he would jump and try to bite. It was a complete fear-based reaction, but we quickly learned that Rocky would not be able to live with a man or kids. He strictly needs a home with a single female that is very experienced with handling dogs with his level of trauma. We have yet to find a home that fits Rocky, so he is one of our lifers. If the perfect home came along, we would happily send him on his way. But for now he is extremely happy and loved where he is. 

Rocky's Favorite Things: Barking at nothing, trying to steal food off the counter, playing with his doggo friends, napping on the floor next to his bed, eating (he is super food motivated) and getting pets!

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Jazz came to us in January of 2021. We drove down to Alabama and got him, along with a bunch of other pups. He seemed super sweet and affectionate. We were so happy to bring him up here and help him find his forever home. He was doing so well when we first got him and had no signs of behavioral issues. Quickly we started to learn that he does not like men. It's common for dogs to be a bit more afraid of men, so we didn't think much of it. Instead, we began working on the issue. We tried very hard to show him that men aren't all bad. No matter what we did, the issue did not improve. In fact, it seemed to just get worse. Every time our male worker would go into the kennel, he would begin to growl and bark. He would calm down eventually and take a treat from him. He was able to come out of his kennel when the guy was around, but only after he calmed down. This worked well for months, with no issue, but he never improved. Due to Jazz's unpredictability around men, we determined it was best to transfer him to our lifer program. We have no idea what Jazz's past was like, but we can only imagine that some guy didn't treat him right, This handsome boy is the most affectionate dog to females. He has never had one issue with a girl that he has met. Thankfully we are able to have only females care for him and he is thriving. He has an entire room to himself. It's full of toys and beds. He gets so excited to see us and loves playing outside with us! He doesn't enjoy playing with other dogs, but he will do zoomies around us for hours at a time! 

Jazz's favorite things: Sleepovers at Natasha's house, shredding toys and blankets, zoomies in the yard, getting snacks, scratches behind the ear and being a giant lap dog! 

Want to show Jazz some love? Buy him something on his wish list:

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